MEDAC - Mediterranean Advisory CouncilMEDAC - Mediterranean Advisory Council

MEDAC - Mediterranean Advisory Council

Working Groups


Working Groups are established on a permanent basis and have the role of assisting the Executive Committee in the preparation of the opinions and joint recommendations.

  • WG 1: Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (Regionalization, discards management plans, multiannial management plans)
  • WG 2: Big Pelagic Fishes (BFT-E - SWO-MED and other species managed by ICCAT)
  • WG 3: Jurisdiction of the waters
  • WG 4: Recreational Fisheries
  • WG 5: Small-Scale Fisheries and Socio-Economic Impact

Focus Group

Focus groups are set up for a specific purpose, their duration is limited and are divided by geographical area.

  • Focus Group on Adriatic Sea (IT, SI, HR)
  • Focus Group on Western Mediterranean (IT, FR, ES)
  • Focus Group on the Strait of Sicily (IT, MT)

Head Office

MEDAC - Roma

c/o Ministero delle Politiche Agricole Alimentari, Forestali e del Turismo

Via XX Settembre, 20
00187 Roma - RM

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